Template Services

Template Services

Responsively Optimized

Responsiveness is all the rage, and Shaka is ragin’. This theme is fully responsive, meaning sizing it from one screen resolution to the next will not disrupt the overall aesthetic beauty and order of your site. Each element has been handcrafted for specific resizing functionality – and if that’s not good enough – you have the option to turn it off and go back to a regular, non-responsive layout.

Unbranded, Ready-to-Roll

Shaka’s theme options are unbranded. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about your client not thinking your the super rockstar original author of the theme. It makes every body happy.

Custom Page Templates

The focus on Shaka was offering options, and making those options easy to implement – and of course make them pretty. Have a look at the list and enjoy…

  • 3 Basic Page Options
  • Frequently Asked Questions Template
  • Staff Template
  • Flex Slider Page Template
  • Video Page Template
  • Pricing Table Template
  • Services Template
  • 404 Error Template
  • Fancy Under Construction Template

Home Page Theme Sorter

Shaka has 11 home page modules that can be sorted by simply dragging them and dropping them into order and position. It’s very easy to customize the appearance of your site. And more importantly, it’s easy for your client to have more control over the layout design without messing with any code…

Better SEO, Better Website

Shaka has made a significant focus on SEO. Aside from general order of typographical elements, Shaka also allows for easy upload of apple touch icons, meta descriptions, and meta key words – all in the comfort of your home theme options area.

5 Portfolio Template Varieties

Shaka offers 5 different portfolio layout options. Versatility and aesthetic awesomeness were the goal, and with Shaka – we think it’s been achieved…

Siiimple is just one dude. Me. This is my 12th theme at ThemeForest, and I take pride in being a member of this super-awesome theming community. And because I take pride in it, I also feel a responsibility to representing it well and with the respect it deserves. Customer support has always been a focus for my theme and with Shaka, it is no different. As always, I’m open for questions and commentary. If you have any suggestions, even criticisms telling me I’m lousy, I’m okay with that and I welcome all forms of communication…With that said, if you purchase Shaka, I hope you enjoy it with as few hassles as humanly possible…