Instructional Videos for Shift

I've put together a series of video tutorials that walks through the theme options step by step - discussing details from basic styling options to handling the installation of premium plugins and applying them correctly. Hopefully it is helpful and makes it even easier to get going with Shift.

Video #1

Basic options related to Shift, as well as dealing with the header options.

Video #2

Home Settings, Drop Down Panel, Featured Slider Options

Video #3

Home Settings #2: Logo Carousel, Three Blocks, iMac Section

Video #4

Icons Section, Browser Section

Video #5

Setting up the Blog home page and template

Video #6

Setting up Portfolio for home page

Video #7

Setting up Teamer Plugin

Video #8

Tabs, Footer Top, Google Map

Video #9

Portfolio + Gallery Templates

Video #10

Blog Template + Tab Template

Video #11

Setting up Pages in Shift

Video #12

bbPress + Contact Template

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