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Created: 11/25/2011
By: Justin Young
Email: themes.siiimple@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

A lot of careful work has gone into this theme creation and I'm very pleased you have decided to buy it! Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. WordPress Installation
  2. Zoho Installation
  3. Zoho Options
  4. Setting Up Home Page & Blog & Adding Images & Video
  5. Setting Up Menu
  6. Setting Up Slider
  7. Single Page Templates
  8. Setting Up Social Icons
  9. Setting Up Widget Areas & Plugins
  10. CSS Structure
  11. Scripts & Credits

A) WordPress Installation - top

Luckily, WordPress is pretty easy to install. It's quick, easy, and painless. You can read all about it here: Installing WordPress.

B) Zoho Installation - top

The first thing to do after completing the WordPress installation is navigate to the "themes" directory within your WordPress files, then placing the "Zoho" theme folder into the themes directory. Alternatively, you can upload the theme through the admin area by navigating to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload. Just upload the zip Zoho theme file. *Make sure you upload the actual theme, not the original download folder that has the license, documentation, etc. within it. You will receive an error. Just upload the theme folder by itself :)

C) Zoho Options - top

After installing Zoho, navigate to the Zoho Options panel. From there you will see a variety of options, including logo uploader, stylesheets, background patterns, etc. Changing the pattern is as simple as choosing a pattern, and changing the color schemes is as simple as choosing a color. Of course, not all colors will go perfectly, so have fun! If you decided against a color, simply delete the hex color in the box...

D) Setting Up Home Page & Blog & Adding Images & Video - top

As you see in the demonstration, the homepage is a collection of posts with images, widgets (in the footer), and, of course, a slideshow.

1. Create Some Categories

First thing is to be sure you have some Categories created. You see this by visiting the "Categories" section under the posts tab in the admin. If you have a few created, that's all you really need.

2. Creating Home Page

This page is drawing all posts from a category that you select in the Zoho Options page under the tab. See image below:

Go to Zoho Options > Home Page Stuff > Select Home Page Post Category. Now all the posts with this category will appear on the front page.

3. Creating Blog Page

To create a blog page, you will create a new page, then select which blog template you wish to show your blog posts on. See image below:

Once you have created this blog page, you can go choose which category you wish to associate with your blog posts - do this the same way you did with both the slider and the home page posts. Go to Zoho Options > Blog Stuff and select your category.

It's pretty straightforward. You have a front page, a blog page, a slider and each are pulling from your general posts, each based upon three specified categories, which you set in the Zoho Options panel: the Home Page Stuff, Blog Stuff, and Slider Stuff tabs. You can have as many categories as you wish, but the category that you choose for these three areas will be the categories that determine which posts you show.

This is nice because it integrates well with the posts you may already have in your blog, and all that is needed to integrate it with Zoho is simply selecting a category. :)

4. Adding Images & Video

Adding images is as simple as uploading your image with the Featured Image uploader (see image below).

Be sure to create a few categories, and if you would like to use the post sorter, add a "Post Sorting", which is just like the categories, except the filter will activate upon adding this option. Categories will show beneath the post on the Home Theme page. Check out the image below for the relevant areas to be aware of...

If you decide you like to show a brief excerpt below the images on the front page, there is an option for that in the Zoho Options > General Options area. Simply check that box. You will notice that the Twitter box is there as well. You can fill out your twitter username there and it will show your latest tweet at the bottom of the page.

E) Setting Up Menu - top

To create a menu go to Appearance > Menus. When there add a new menu, then select the menu area on the left side. Then add your items. Sometimes your menu items may show a description. In order to edit or remove the description, pull down the tab at the top right of the screen called Screen Options. Select "Description", then go back to you menu items and edit the description.

Once the menu is set up, you will see it appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The theme still looks a bit empty, so in order to change this :) let's setup a slider...

F) Setting Up Slider - top

The slider is simple to get going. Slider posts will pull from the regular posts that you create. But they are limited to a particular category that you choose from the Zoho Options area. So, go to Zoho Options > Slider Stuff > Select Main Slider Category > Choose a Category. If you do not have a category set up, go to Posts > Categories > and add a category that will hold all your slider images/posts. When creating a new post, simply choose this category in the Category side panel. It's just that easy :)

Adding a video is as simple as copying and pasting the video url into the video meta box at the bottom of the post area. Instead of posting an image in the Featured Image loader, simply copy and paste the url to your video, choose the category that you have selected for the slider posts, then the video will show. Cool, hey?

You can change the static slider, which is not moving, to move by simply changing the speed in the Slider Stuff options area...

F) Single Page Templates - top

There are three different single page layouts to choose from:

All three single page options use the Featured Image uploaded image. The second two options also use the meta box options in the post area:

Simply add images in the Featured Image, and the three meta box image uploaders.

H) Setting Up Social Icons - top

Go to Zoho Options > Social Icons Stuff > Fill out the info. If you leave an area blank, it will not show the icon.

I) Setting Up Widget Areas - top

There are two specific widget areas: Sidebar on pages & Footer. As the image below illustrates, the widgets can be easily filled by dragging and dropping widgets within the widget area.

Zoho has one plugin that is really quite helpful to use. Contact Form 7. If you want to set up the Contact page template, this is a super easy plugin to get going. Simply activate the plugin, then use the shortcode in a page that you designate as the template for contact.

K) CSS Structure - top

J) Scripts & Credits - top

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

Justin Young

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